GOST R-ex proof certificate.

Customs Union Technical regulations On safety of the equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres (CU TR 012/2011) are in power from 15th February 2013. From this date old GOST R-ex certificate is not issued any more and new type of certificate must be issued – Customs Union Certificate of Conformity.

What products need explosion proof certificate.

This technical regulation of the Customs Union applies to electric (electric), including Ex-components, and non-electrical equipment for use in explosive environments.

What products are excluded from Ex-certification:

  • Medical devices;
  • Equipment, during the operation of which the danger of explosion arises only because of the presence of explosive substances and unstable chemical compounds;
  • Equipment for residential , non-industrial use in conditions when an explosive atmosphere may develop as a result of accidental spill of gas;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Sea vessels, inland and mixed (river-sea) vessels, mobile offshore drilling platforms and other boats, as well as equipment used on them;
  • Public service vehicles for the transport of passengers and goods by road, air, rail or water transport;
  • Nuclear weapons research facilities nuclear organizations defense complex than their constituent equipment located in hazardous areas

Terms of issuing EX-proof Customs Union certificate.

The Ex-proof certificate can be issued on a single shipment or serial production. The valid period for the serial production certificate can be up to 5 years. In most cases testing must be provided in accredited laboratories. Additionally, factory inspection might be needed.

Type of mark which should be applied after issuing declaration of conformity and sample of the certificate.

The certificate looks same as any other certificate issued in Customs Union.

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What to do next?

descriptionSend us technical description, picture and customs code.
analyze We will analyze it and prepare the dedicated offer.
sign-contractWe sign a contract and after prepayment start working on certificate.
testing,factory visit We do all the formalities: factory visit (if needed), testing, document creation.
Issue certificate Our certification body issue certificate and you are free to export in Customs Union.

In order to provide you with a quote, we will need some basic information from you such as a product description, customs code (HS code) and the country of destination.

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