Technical Regulations Certificate

Russian technical regulations certificate is issued for the products which conforms with Russian Technical regulations. Most Russian technical regulations are not in power any more and Customs Union certificates must be issued instead, however few regulations are still applicable. Most popular Russian Technical regulations:

  • Russian Technical Regulations on fire safety, please, refer to this article regarding fire safety certificate;
  • Russian Technical regulations on safety of wheel vehicles.

What products need to be certified In accordance with Russian TR on safety of wheel vehicles. Terms of certification.

Different vehicles parts must be certified. The certificate can be issued for up to 4 years. Lead time – 5 working days. The price of certificate is 600-800 EUR.

Sample of certificate and type of mark which should be applied after certification is complete.

TR CertificateCTP mark small

What to do next?

descriptionSend us technical description, picture and customs code.
analyze We will analyze it and prepare the dedicated offer.
sign-contractWe sign a contract and after prepayment start working on certificate.
testing,factory visit We do all the formalities: factory visit (if needed), testing, document creation.
Issue certificate Our certification body issue certificate and you are free to export in Customs Union.

In order to provide you with a quote, we will need some basic information from you such as a product description, customs code (HS code) and the country of destination.

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