Customs Union Technical regulations on safety of low voltage equipment (CU TR 004/2011)

Effective from February 15th 2013 by Council Decision of Eurasian Economic Commission on December 09, 2011 number 884.

Products covered by low voltage regulations.

Different electrical equipment and components are covered by CU TR 004/2011.  The voltage range of devices under regulation are from 50 to 1000 VAC and from 75 to 1500VDC.

Samples of products covered by regulation:

  1. Home appliances
  2. PCs
  3. Cables
  4. Electrical installations
  5. Circuit breakers

Types of documents needed for conformity compliance:

  1. Certificate of conformity. Costs from 1000 EUR. Validity period up to 5 years.
  2. Declaration of conformity. Costs from 250 EUR. Validity period up to 5 years

Both declaration and certificate must be issued on the company registered in Customs Union.

What is needed to issue CU TR certificate of conformity:

  1. Samples,
  2. Description,
  3. Photos,
  4. European certificates or test report
  5. The certificate holder registration documents
  6. Contract between certificate holder and manufacturer

What is needed to issue CU TR declaration of conformity:

  1. Test reports
  2. Photos
  3. Description
  4. The certificate holder registration documents

The active electric devices are usually also covered by the Technical Regulations on EMC 020/2011.

EAC Mark can be affixed after the conformity compliance procedures:

EAC mark


What to do next?

descriptionSend us technical description, picture and customs code.
analyze We will analyze it and prepare the dedicated offer.
sign-contractWe sign a contract and after prepayment start working on certificate.
testing,factory visit We do all the formalities: factory visit (if needed), testing, document creation.
Issue certificate Our certification body issue certificate and you are free to export in Customs Union.

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